Saturday, October 25, 2008

Initial Commit

I recently started my career as an I.T consultant in corporate America, and I have come to learn quickly that not every problem has a technical solution. One of my primary goals with this blog is to track my growth as a consultant and share my technical and non-technical solutions to hurdles I encounter.


I have many goals with this blog, most of them fairly selfish. I have been contemplating writing a blog for a very long time to document solutions I developed or implemented for future references. So here are some of the goals that I have in mind:
  • Document successful technical solution
  • Identify what works as a solution and what does not.
  • Identify helpful resources (books, organizations, software, hardware etc.)
  • Gather community feedback to improve the solutions further

Primary Audience
Of course anyone is more than welcome to read this blog, but I suspect it will be mostly interesting to people involved in Information Technology field in corporate America.

Blog Format
To keep blogs meaningful and coherent, I will attempt to describe the challenge and when appropriate, provide some background. As the blog evolves, I will attempt to classify the posts using labels for convenience.

Why "Distracted Focus"?
Quite honestly I was having a very difficult time finding a good blog title which was not already taken. I was trying to find a title which conveys something about me, and "Distracted Focus" is what I finally settled on. The name is somewhat indicative of how I often work, which is mostly distracted till I find something that sparks my curiosity and then I zone in on it.

Final Note
Due to my nature of work, it will not be always possible for me to reveal some details. Hence, I will make it a policy to anonymize all my references. I hope this will not cause unnecessary confusion and make my blog difficult to read.
Thank you for reading my blog and I honestly hope I can positively contribute to the community at large with the lessons I will learn.


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